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11th December 2018 
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Why therapy?

Life is complicated and we live in anxious times with little space to de-stress and take stock of the world around us and our sense of place and belonging within it. Therapy can help you to reflect and re-examine what is important in your life and where you may have got stuck in habits that no longer work for you. Sometimes our experiences in the past inform how we behave and live in the present and these can become less useful over time, holding us back from being all we are capable of becoming. Therapy can offer a way of working through difficulties with relationships, mental health, work or personal growth and it can also be a way of breaking a sense of loneliness and isolation. I can offer a non-judgemental and objective space in which all of you is valued and accepted.

Counselling aims to provide people with a safe and confidential space where they can explore those concerns and difficulties with a qualified professional. It can often be easier to talk openly with someone outside of friends, colleagues and family because a more objective alliance can be formed between client and therapist. We can collaboratively determine what areas you wish to focus on, or allow the work to evolve naturally. Counselling is a co-created relationship and I work in a holistic way that respects your individual as well as community and intergenerational heritage and experience.

What I can offer:

I offer clients face to face sessions and also do online counselling using video based as well as audio and email or text/chat methods, and these can be a more flexible way of having therapy if you are unable to travel, maybe have a disability, are living in an isolated location or work outside of usual hours. I see clients for face to face sessions in St Leonards and in Kings Cross, London. I work primarily with trauma, which can be as a result of early attachment issues, abuse, medical interventions or loss, though there are endless ways in which trauma embeds its way into a life. I also work with issues to do with gender identity and oppression and much of my work is from within the LGBTIQ+ Community but I work with gender issues very broadly. Ageing, illness, depression, anxiety and loss are also areas I am interested in working with.


I offer therapy that has a number of different, but related models of working with trauma. I trained and worked in the women's sector for many years, in a variety of ways with women and girls affected by domestic and sexual violence and those who had been gang affiliated. The different affects of traumatic experience like flashbacks, nightmares and an inability to concentrate can be alleviated through a holistic approach which includes interventions such as Lifespan Integration, art or imaginal based counselling and self-soothing and empowerment work. This tends to be open-ended work that takes as long as it needs.


I have many years experience working and studying the complex field of Gender. My therapeutic approach draws on various philosophical traditions including feminism, intersectionality, existentialism and queer theory as well as an understanding of a variety of belief systems. I work with many transgender people, as well as non-binary and a-gender people, but also with people who struggle against the various forms of gender policing that prevents us all being our authentic selves.

Anxiety and depression

Anxiety is twice as likely to affect women than men, whilst men are much more likely to commit suicide. Often people do not feel able to ask for help and seek counselling but it can offer a lifeline when things feel desperate. Like trauma work, I use a holistic approach utilising Lifespan Integration, creative imaginal work and personal empowerment which can help with anxiety and depression and can be a safe and containing way to work on these problems. It can often be helpful to explore these issues from different perspectives and so challenge our own thinking.

I have been a practising counsellor in St Leonards on Sea and in Kings Cross, Central London for the past five years. I am committed to providing counselling in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and anti-oppressive environment. I work from the belief that making change is possible and that it is sometimes simply about gaining a deeper awareness of self and others and being open to considering different perspectives on the possibly rigid views we have learned to internalise from significant others.

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